Do you have something in your home that’s broken, or damaged, that you’ve just decided to live with?

It sits there, brokenly, serving no purpose other than getting in the way, or reminding you at inconvenient moments that it needs fixing.

The broken thing in your house winds you up, it probably has done for a while, but you’ve made no effort to fix it, thinking it would take too much effort, or that you’ll do it later, or, well, it’s not that much of a problem, you’ll just live with it, it’s fine.

Flickering spotlight on the ceiling? Just put the lamps on rather than the big lights. Dripping tap? Ignore it, you stop noticing it after a while. Sticky front door that doesn’t open or close properly? Wait, there’s a trick to it, let me show you.

Whatever the problem might be, we bend ourselves around it. We accommodate it, rather than just dealing with it head on. We don’t call the electrician, or the local handyman. Maybe we have a few half-hearted attempts at fixing it ourself. Either way, the problem remains unsolved and every day we get annoyed at it, without doing anything about it.

But at what point does the discomfort of not fixing something become greater than the discomfort of living with it? I’m sure you know where I’m going with this.

When it comes to the workplace, I meet so many people who are unhappy in their work. They know something isn’t right, but they’ve normalised the discomfort. Maybe they’ve decided it’s a case of better the devil you know – moving to a new position might be just as bad, if not worse. Maybe they’ve told themselves that they don’t need to be happy at work – who is ever 100% happy, after all? Maybe they’ve told themselves that they don’t deserve to be happy, that they’re the problem, the dripping tap, so they keep their heads below the parapet hoping no-one notices.

Meanwhile, it’s playing havoc with their health. The stress they’re feeling (and trying to ignore) is building up making them ill – perhaps they’re not sleeping, perhaps they’ve got stomach issues, or it’s coming out in other ways. They only take action when it’s got too big to ignore – when all the lights have failed or the dripping tap has caused a leak – or because there’s an incentive to get it fixed – your judgemental aunt is coming to visit and you know she’ll comment on the sticky door.

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