We humans are a strange bunch don’t you think? As some of you know for most of last year I had terrible trouble with my eye, lots of pain, struggle with seeing, living and working. As I was waiting for my two surgeries I kept saying to myself – if I get my sight back then I will never take it for granted again!
My Xmas present was my second surgery and now in January 2021 I am happily getting used to having my sight restored! Hurrah! To say this is life changing might sound over the top but believe me it really is life changing! 😊

This week’s been a tough week though – my brother-in-law is very ill in hospital with Covid and as a result my energy has been low and focused on work, worrying about him and supporting my sister.
I was in the bath (where many good thoughts take place) when I realised that apart from the eyedrops that are a part of my life right now, and some initial thoughts about whether my eye still works when I first open my eyes in the morning, I really hadn’t thought about my good fortune with my eyes for a few days!

Easy enough to know why this had happened but the fact is it’s something I need to nip in the bud! After all I made that promise to myself!
So I have reinstated a small amount of time in my day when I just think about and feel good about something most of us take for granted – my sight!
It doesn’t take much to focus on all the negative around us – we are drawn to it as humans. But it also doesn’t take much to spend a few minutes connecting with some good things in your life.
And it does make such a difference. Try it and see! Let me know how you get on 😊

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