What people say

Only when we’re open to feedback can we be confident we’re giving our best.

Adelle knows how to make people feel valued and cared for.

Adelle shows a personal touch in everything she does – from the way she works with people and complex organisations to how she translates research into practice and strives to make a difference. She knows how to meet your needs so you feel valued and cared for, which then gives you added motivation to get on with the job in hand.

A. Pettit – University Lecturer and researcher The Compassion Project

I’m back to loving my job again!

Like many other healthcare professionals, my work means I regularly have to deal with stressful and psychologically challenging situations. Sometimes this can be hard to manage without outside help. Adelle helped me cope with some persistent after-effects of previous encounters in the workplace and empowered me for self-change. This, along with her support and strategies for managing my own wellbeing, means I’m back to loving my job again!

J O’Neill – Paramedic

Adelle helped me develop confidence and self-understanding.

I’d taken on a new role which was a very different way of working from what I’d been used to. I had no one to hand over to me and soon grew frustrated with myself because of my lack of understanding of what I was supposed to do. I lost my confidence and even regretted taking on this new role and wished I could go back to my old one. I felt my new team were disappointed in my performance and didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting up to speed with the job.

Adelle was assigned to work and support my service. She was always very positive about the position I was in and saw it as a new challenge. This helped my confidence and reassured me you shouldn’t see something as a failure if you don’t understand it first time.

Adelle was very professional throughout and took time to understand how the different organisations interfaced and worked together. She was never opinionated if she didn’t agree with how they worked. Instead she offered advice on how best to develop or change things, especially in an organisation that was going through many changes and challenges.

I would definitely recommend Adelle. She helped me develop confidence and understanding in myself and my new role. Adelle is very good at making you see the positive in whatever you are doing and most of all she has the ability to make it fun!

S. George – Health Care Sector – Learning and Development

I feel empowered to tackle any difficulties with confidence.

As a teacher I felt like a failure for not being ‘able to cope’. Although I was apprehensive at the start of our coaching sessions, Adelle made me feel completely comfortable and was easy to talk to.

Soon I found I could talk about what was starting to go well at work and focus on what was happening in the moment, rather than on what had been. With Adelle’s guidance, I began to make more use of the skills I’d developed – something I hadn’t achieved from my counselling sessions.

Now when I feel a bit lost, I can reflect on the coping strategies that Adelle helped me realise I have within me – and I feel empowered to tackle any difficulties I face at work with much more confidence.

Laura – Teacher

Adelle ensures learning is fun and creative and influenced by how people learn best.

Adelle has been teaching on our courses for about 5 years now. She does more than deliver excellent teaching supported by a great knowledge base and good student feedback. She ensures that learning is fun and creative – influenced by the neuroscience research about how people learn best.

She could just come in and do her sessions – however, that’s just not her and she goes way beyond what she needs to do. By being supportive, compassionate and caring both to students and lecturers she is then able to work on issues that are pertinent to enhance the wellbeing of our students and our profession.

Dr. A. Simpson – Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing