The scenario of a manager struggling to engage and motivate an employee is a common scenario in the work place – as is the resultant conflict, despair and distress – and the human and financial waste created when people leave their job! Motivation is a funny thing – hard to explain and to measure! It’s also deeply personal – of the 9 reasons (or motivators) why we get up and go to work each day only one of these is money. What motivates one person isn’t what motivates another, yet we often make assumptions that it is the same for each of us. Assumptions in the language we use, and in how we manage, reward, attempt to engage and motivate individuals and teams. No wonder there is the potential for so much to go wrong!

Scenarios such as this case and other work based situations would benefit with something that demystifies motivation into something measurable and practical in its application to make a difference. Motivational Maps (MM) is an on-line diagnostic tool that reveals the very individual nature of what motivates us in the workplace. It then measures how well this work role meets those key drivers, or motivators. This opens up the potential for real growth and employee engagement. However it doesn’t just identify an individual’s key motivators and measure how well (or not) their current role meets their key motivators. It also gives specific strategies as to how to best engage that individual’s key drivers. These are strategies that a manager can use to great effect – in understanding staff, helping to avoid or understand conflict, release potential, and improve retention, wellbeing and performance.  Motivational Maps can be used as part of coaching or as stand alone projects, with individuals, teams – and now organisations! However enough talk – the best way to experience what Motivational Maps can do is to do one and find out for yourself!

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