Imposter Syndrome and You

Imposter Syndrome –it’s something that most people will encounter at one point or another in their lives, whether suffering from it themselves or working with someone afflicted by it.

It was something I struggled with for a long time. Imposter Syndrome (which I’d sometimes call self-doubt) used to creep up on me when I wasn’t looking, and stand just behind me, telling me I wasn’t good enough, that I’d never succeed, that no one wanted to work with me. Worse still, it had several different voices and it resulted in procrastination, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, deciding I was a failure and a fraud. Sometimes it would tell me to “just work harder!”, other times it egged me on when I was talking myself out of opportunities that could mean success.

Imposter Syndrome took away my self-esteem and motivation, and instead gave me anxiety and despair.

And the more I tried to ignore it, the worse it got!

So how did I conquer my self-doubt once and for all? I’d love to tell you that it was an easy fix, but you can’t just put a plaster over Imposter Syndrome and hope it’ll clear up by itself – it takes hard work and commitment, but when you reap the rewards you see that it’s all worth it!

I specialise in working with those who struggle with Imposter Syndrome, anxiety, depression and the impact of trauma – as these were the issues that led me to hypnotherapy in the first place. My programme was specially created to help other people like me, using my neuroscience, hypnotherapy, coaching and nursing training, so they don’t have to put up with unnecessary emotional obstacles.

If you want to find out how much Imposter Syndrome could be holding you back, start by taking my diagnostic, to see which is your dominant imposter and how much of an issue it is for you.

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