Help! I need a new doggy daycare!

There was nothing wrong with the place I’d been using, in fact I’d chosen them because they were small, local, independently run, and really cared well for the dogs. I was really happy with them and I was confident that my lovely dog Fizz was getting the best possible care.

However, I received an email from the owner not long ago, telling all her clients that she was closing down.

I was shocked – everything had been going great and I knew the business was doing well, so why was she shutting up shop?

I read more of her email, and my heart sank. They were doing well… but she’d been doing everything herself. Front of house, back office, and everything in between. As a result, she was burned out, sick, and felt that she couldn’t keep things running any longer.

I feel so sad for her – how devastating must it be to create and build a successful business doing something you love, only for it to make you so ill that you feel like your only option is to shut everything down?

This is the insidious nature of burnout – it might seem like it just appears out of nowhere, but actually, there are some glaring red flags along the way that often people ignore until it’s too late: you lose your motivation, you can’t concentrate on even simple tasks, you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re irritable, you start to get sick more (and it takes longer to recover).

When I’m working with clients, I often find that they’re willing to ignore these red flags and just put up with these unpleasant, uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, stress and self-doubt, rather than making any changes.

It can affect anyone, and business owners are often particularly at risk.

If you’re starting to notice any of these signs, it’s important not to brush them off and think they’ll go away on their own. If you bury those feelings and ignore those signs, they may quieten down for a little while, but they’ll invariably come back bigger. When the stakes are high and you’ve spent years building up your business and reputation, are you willing to risk losing it all?

I’ve helped pull many business owners back from the brink of burnout, helping them find their mojo and once again start enjoying everything they’ve worked so hard for. Book a free Discovery Call with me today to find out how I can help you.

And if you have any doggy daycare recommendations, send them my way!

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