This time of year my social media timelines are filled with photos of kids going back to school – all of them in slightly-too-big school uniforms and a variety of different expressions on their faces.

Some of them have massive grins, looking forward to seeing all their friends again and tormenting some teachers. Others look grumpy (even borderline furious), as if they’ve seen the future and know these pictures will make up a large part of an embarrassing photo montage on their 18th birthday.

Others have a different expression – it looks like they’re smiling, but their eyes are telling a different story – they’re scared. Maybe they’re starting a new school, maybe they know they’ve got that teacher that no-one likes, maybe they’re terrified about how much more homework they’re going to have this year.

And that’s a feeling that doesn’t always go away – I know plenty of adults who struggle with that ‘back to school’ feeling, even years after they left education!

There can be a number of reasons for the back to work blues, but more and more people are coming to me saying they’re desperate to move forward in their career, but they just don’t know how to.
It might because of external issues – no room to move up in their present company but no jobs available elsewhere in their sector, but often it’s coming from within – there’s something inside, holding them back from going after the career acceleration they really want. Maybe they don’t believe they truly deserve the advance, maybe they’re scared of making a change.

It may not seem like it, but those are obstacles that can be overcome! Book your free 45 minute call with me to dig into what’s holding you back and create a roadmap to get you moving forward, and banish those back to school blues for good!

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