Since I’ve been mostly based from home I’ve found my Friday morning yoga class a really important part of my wellbeing. There’s a group of regulars and in addition to the stretching, breathing and spiritual side of yoga we have a laugh and sometimes a cuppa and although I go back to work afterwards I feel better for it in so many ways. So that yoga class gives me stretching and movement, time for me, connection with others and variety. Meeting some of my human needs.

Then lockdown happened and everything stopped. For me I also had a serious eye problem. So doing yoga was something I yearned for, but only if everything could be the way it used to be. Which meant back in the yoga studio, with my eye functioning as it used to be and of course being able to drive myself to and from the yoga studio. Of course, none of those things are able to happen right now.
However, now I’ve had my first operation doing yoga is more comfortable. But I still can’t drive and we are in and out of lockdowns! But, I decided enough is enough and so much of my life has been on hold this year that it’s time to change this! Holding out for what might be isn’t necessarily the best way forward for me right now, and it was worth opening my mind to trying doing yoga online.

Long story short – my husband and I have now done Friday evening yoga in our living room for the last few weeks. Is it the same? No. But I loved holding the poses and doing the breathing and I felt so much better afterwards, and it was a good transition from work into the weekend – something that’s really tough when you work from home. And it was fun doing it in our living room with my husband!
What have I learned from this? Sometimes waiting for things to be perfect means you end up losing out. It’s worth giving it a go and making the best of where you are right now. Have you been holding out for anything by waiting for the perfect time? Maybe it’s time to change that…Love to hear your thoughts…Namaste!

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