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Meet Adelle – your Anxiety Therapist

I specialise in helping people eradicate anxiety and self-doubt, and the hold it has on their lives, freeing them from the constant struggle of terror, worry and sleepless nights.

I had my own struggles with anxiety, which affected many aspects of my life, career and health. I ended up leaving my role as a lecturer because of this, which fuelled my passion to help people be happy and confident in every aspect of their lives.

It’s not enough just to manage anxiety – it’s no way to live your life. I help people achieve their goals to be free of anxiety, rather than just managing it with unhelpful strategies.

What are the benefits of working with Adelle?

When you work with Adelle, you’ll receive personalised coaching and support to help you overcome your anxiety and achieve your goals.

Our programmes can help you:

  • Eradicate your anxiety symptoms
  • Massively increase your confidence
  • Turn down the volume on your negative self-talk
  • Supercharge your resilience
  • Significantly improve your work performance
  • Greatly enhance your communication and relationships with others
  • Rediscover your joy for life

What our clients say

Working with Adelle has been life-changing. I was struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, lack of confidence and massive stress at work following a promotion, but by working with Adelle, I have been able to overcome my fears and achieve my goals. I cannot recommend her enough!

Louise N

I was exhausted – not sleeping, feeling panicky and overwhelmed, lost all interest in things and felt in a big black hole. My job is very intense and target driven and needs me to be energised which was a challenge when I felt like I was walking through treacle! As soon as Adelle started working with me there was an immediate difference.


I’d been struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, which escalated after becoming a parent. It also affected me at work – opportunities were being presented to me that I pulled back from because of this anxiety. Now I’m a confident, chilled parent, studying for a Masters degree to progress myself and help my little girls future!


I’m a manager and should be leading. I knew I needed help but I was surprised at how deep this was. Patterns from my childhood were still controlling the way I was thinking and behaving. I now really own my voice and can speak out in a team situation without losing it or withdrawing. It’s helped me open up in my personal relationships too.


I work in a potentially dangerous, male-dominated environment with lots of people who are very skilled at what they do. I have struggled with feeling anxious and not good enough for long periods of time particularly before deployment and when going through annual assessments. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin and I wanted to get over feeling like I don’t belong. I doubted lots of things about myself – my knowledge and skills. I felt I had to be 100% correct about everything and would criticise myself for getting things wrong and then hold back from speaking in case I got it wrong. I’d tell myself I shouldn’t be here. This got worse when I got promoted. I’d constantly be worrying, feeling unsafe, lots of self-doubt and frustration that I wasn’t good enough and worry for months about when I was going to be tested for my skills. Now I feel like I have a right to be here, that I am on top of it, that my differences are good and I have a lot to offer. That I was promoted to this role because I deserve it! I find it very easy to talk to Adelle and although I had never engaged in hypnotherapy or undertaken a programme like this, I was keen to undertake personal development. This time when I was deployed I had no anxiety! That’s been huge for me!


How it works

Your FREE 45-minute consultation with Adelle will take place online.

In the session you will deep dive into how anxiety is impacting your health, your work and your life.

Adelle will help you understand what approach you need in order to overcome this, create an action plan for you to see what steps you need to take, and tell you more about how her methodology works, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes anxiety?

‘Anxiety’ is an umbrella term that can cover a lot of issues we try to ignore, downplay, or assume are ‘just part of life’, such as: being promoted, work-related stress and anxiety, presentation anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, being bullied, issues communicating with difficult people, perfectionism, procrastination and people-pleasing.

Anxiety can also start in other areas of our lives and spread to work, or vice versa. The primary cause of anxiety is often an emotional trigger from somewhere in your past, hiding in your subconscious and being re-triggered now, so it plays out as anxiety in response to some worry or fear you have, or a particular situation you’re in.

When is the right time to seek help?

Too many people do not get help quickly enough and leave problems to escalate: if you think anxiety is affecting your life then it is and you need to do something about it. Sometimes it can feel difficult to take that first step but it is important to take action and change things in your life when they aren’t working as they should. Now is exactly the right time to get in touch with Adelle and talk through your issues.

Does anxiety affect everyone the same way?

The truth is that anxiety feels different for each person – for some people it is mild discomfort; for others it is intense and incapacitating. For some people it may just be work- related, whilst for others it affects all areas of their life. Some people may call it presentation anxiety, others imposter syndrome, others stress. The majority of these all come under the banner of anxiety or anxiety type symptoms.

Why does Adelle believe programmes are more effective than individual sessions?

Adelle has found that there are many aspects to treating anxiety and the only way to get sustainable results is by completing a 12-week programme, which takes a more holistic approach than individual sessions, which don’t always follow a clear methodology. Adelle’s 12-week programme is tried and tested, with proven results.

What makes this programme unique?

This programme is different to others you may have heard of in a number of ways:

  • It gets results faster than traditional talking therapies
  • It releases anxiety in the mind and the body
  • It is focused on improving your work life
  • It helps you understand what makes you tick at work
  • It benefits people who don’t want to talk about their past difficulties
  • It rewires inner patterns that cause anxiety and self-doubt
  • It replaces deep-seated limiting belief patterns with new, empowering beliefs
  • It gives you tools to continue to build your resilience at work and at home
What happens during the sessions?

After your initial consultation, each session takes about 1.5 hours. All sessions are done online using Zoom and all you need a private space to work with Adelle without interruption.

I feel anxious about things – surely if I just push through the fear I will get over it quickly?

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make –anxiety puts our nervous system on high alert which is when we experience those uncomfortable, horrible feelings. The more you try to ‘push through’, the worse it gets, because you’re not dealing with the root cause of your anxiety, which isn’t necessarily linked to the present situation.

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