Take good care of number one and you take good care of everyone

What if you and your people could come to work tomorrow feeling positive, motivated and valued? And what if it wasn’t just tomorrow but every day?

Are you…

Stuck in a constant cycle of recruiting and training new staff only to have them leave?

Battling to boost morale after yet another round of organisational change?

Concerned about rising staff absences or the impact of long hours and overworking?

With challenges such as these, even the most competent leaders and managers can lose their mojo.

Unless something changes, you know you’ll never unlock the full potential of your staff and business.

You long to transform your workplace and lead the way to a happy, healthier more motivated organisation.

But where do you start?


Imagine what these same people could achieve if you could fully harness their talents.

Imagine the impact on their performance, their energy levels, their sense of self-worth.

Imagine the difference this would make to your business, and your customers or clients.

How would you all feel when you went home?

Now stop imagining, and take the first steps towards making it a reality – with a Wellbeing in the Workplace programme tailored precisely to the needs of your organisation by The Sweet Potato Consultancy.

Happy employees are at least 12% more productive

Oswald, Proto and Sgroi 2014

I passionately believe…

…people are the heart of any business or organisation – and when you prioritise health and wellbeing, the benefits are huge.

Individuals and teams flourish. Decisions are made with compassion. Performance and commitment soar. Staff absence and turnover fall.

Adelle Shaw-Flach – DIrector, The Sweet Potato Consultancy

On paper it was the perfect job – a blend of all the things I loved…

But the workload was excessive, deadlines were impossible to meet and my working hours spilled into late nights, weekends and holidays.

It was a constant struggle. I was exhausted, my colleagues were exhausted. And management refused to listen…

Today, in my role as director of The Sweet Potato Consultancy, I’m seen as a culture change facilitator. In fact, looking back on my career, I can now see I’ve always been that proactive agent of change, even though it wasn’t obvious to me at the time.

One reason I now do the work I do is I know how hard it is to be in that impossible situation. I know what it feels like to be frustrated by the excessive demands, dead-ends and lack of support. I know because I’ve been there myself. And this is my story…


We weren’t the only ones struggling. Resignations came thick and fast, often without a job to go to. An unstoppable drain of years of experience and essential skills. Many who soldiered on looked unwell. They lost their compassion for others, their sense of humour, their motivation.

In a bid to help, I took on an extra role: to come up with ways to improve workplace health. But my efforts were in vain. Wholesale change was needed, and it had to start at the top. Only with the backing and role-modelling of senior management could we hope for any meaningful progress. And that was sorely lacking.

Studies show that wellbeing programmes and staff training that lack leadership support and commitment are more likely to demotivate and disengage staff than improve health and performance.

As reality hit home, my own health suffered. I became seriously ill and my GP signed me off work. With time to pause and reflect, I realised there was only one way things would ever change. Reluctantly, I too handed in my notice – with no job to go to.

My story could have been so different. Now my job is to help change the story for others.

It soon became clear situations like mine are all too common. Yet with the right guidance and support, much of this waste of talent could be eliminated.

So, fired up by my own experience, I took it upon myself to become a catalyst and facilitator for workplace change. To help businesses create a happier, healthier workplace, where people, skills and experience receive the value they deserve.

The number 1 reason people quit their jobs is bad management and a toxic workplace

Tegze 2016